Yard Waste Recycling

Renewed Outdoors allows residents, contractors, and more to dispose of their yard waste at our facility. With the yard waste, we Renew the material to make our products. In order to continue to Renew our environment, we need yard waste material! Bring yours during business hours- see what items are accepted and fees below!

Most yard waste disposal is free for City of Perrysburg Residents and Perrysburg Township Residents!

Items Accepted at Renewed Outdoors, LLC

Disposal is subject to a $6.00 per yard minimum fee, where applicable. Cash, check, or card.

Accepted Yard Wastes:

· Branches

· Brush 

· Bushes -No Root Balls

· Firewood 

· Logs 

· Stumps 

· Tree trimmings 

· Twigs 

· Wood mulch

· Leaves 

· Cornstalks

· Ornamental grasses 

· Straw (bales or loose)

· Grass clippings 

· Garden debris from flower gardens 

· Garden debris from vegetable gardens


Items NOT Accepted


Our staff will not accept the following:

· Dirt 

· Sod 

· Bed Edging

· Ivy or vines

· Landscape timbers

· Lumber of any type

· Railroad ties

· Rocks or stone

· Wooden fencing