Mulch Fundraiser

About the Fundraiser

With being a small, local business our community is very important. At Renewed Outdoors, we offer a fundraiser to a variety of groups that allows members to sell our Renewed Eco-Hardwood mulches. All mulch is sold in bulk and will be either delivered or available for pickup. We have a set cost for the product, with two separate plans to fit the needs of many groups. Each plan varies on how individuals get involved and how much money is donated back into that organization. Each plan is set to the sale price and donation amount given per yard.

The Next Steps

If you are interested in the fundraiser here are the next steps:

   1. Contact Renewed Outdoors, LLC at (419) 874-5537 or

   2. Set-up a date to start the program.

   3. Choose a Plan that best fits your organization.

       a. Plan A- Set-up a date when Renewed Outdoors, LLC can present the program to the sellers (this is when the sellers will receive their packets and start selling).

       b. Plan B- Discuss options for a flyer and code, necessary for purchases. 

   4. Set-up an ending date for sales.

   5. Pickup or deliveries of mulch can begin.   

Fundraiser Plans

1.  Plan A: PRE-SALE

  • The biggest profit
  • The most popular
    • Double Processed Hardwood Mulch
    • Any color: Black Max, Brown Walnut, Red Max or Nature's Natural
    • Delivered price of $30.00 per yard, with a purchase of 5 yards or more, to either a residential or business location. Pickup at our facility for any quantity, but is require for less than 5 yard purchases.
    • Delivery included within 20-mile radius only
    • We care for and provide sales paperwork, order forms, and other necessary arrangements. Payment is made to your Organization at time of sale; one payment is made by your Organization to Renewed Outdoors, LLC at the end of all sales.


  • Great for large organizations
  • Little effort required
  • No pre-sale required, just specify dates for the sale to run
  • Buyers must present the organization code or flyer at time of purchase
    • Double Processed Hardwood Mulch, $30 per yard
    • Any color: Black Max, Brown Walnut, Red Max or Nature's Natural
    • Delivery to residential or business location, for a fee of $25 within 10 miles ($4 per additional mile), or pickup at our facility.
    • Delivery included within 20-mile radius only
    • We care for and provide sales paperwork, order forms, and other necessary arrangements. Payments are made directly to Renewed Outdoors, LLC by the purchaser.

Frequently Asked questions

Where Is The Mulch Delivered?

Your organization will need to collect all information from purchaser's regarding delivery or pickup. Name, address, and phone number MUST be on the order form. The driveway must be able to accommodate a Medium Straight Truck. The purchaser can also pickup mulch at our facility , located at 23691 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg, during normal business hours.

What Kind of Staff Do We Need?

Anyone willing to help the Organization raise funds. Depending on the total amount sold and the plan chosen, 1-3 people should be plenty to help organize the information. We will lead the operation, so no stress is on your part. Under Plan A- all orders will be pre-paid to your organization; therefore, we will provide you with a spreadsheet of the total amount sold, the seller’s name and the name of the customer who purchased the item. At purchase, rights are released to our company for delivery to each location and to make the mulch available for pickup on smaller orders. Under Plan B- during the pickup dates, we ask for volunteers to help with guiding visitors to the correct spot and for a sales team on social media and other forms of networks. We will also have delivery available in Plan B for an additional fee, paid for by the purchaser.

How Are Your Customers Going to Get the Mulch?

Distribution from our site is accomplished with a delivery service or customer pickup. Delivery is time consuming, so keeping it within 20 miles is required to maximize your organization’s profits. Pickup dates are to be scheduled in advance, so proper amounts of mulch are available.

How Will You Market Your Mulch?

Start Early! Advertise in all your organization’s newsletters and bulletins, use word of mouth, make signs, post on social media, and sell door to door with adult supervision. For Plan A, we will provide the following sales material: a packet that will have an order form explaining why it is necessary to apply mulch to landscaped areas, reminder cards for delivery or pick-up dates, and the envelope for all of the pre-paid payments. The order form will also have the price of each product labeled and will be in full color. If a seller fills up their order form, no worries! They will be able to download another form below and keep on selling! We will also provide you with extra packets and reminder notices. For Plan B, flyers and a special code will be created. Use the same methods above to disperse the flyers and/or codes to bring in buyers.

How Do We Entice Sales?

As we all know, students or members, want rewards for their work. Depending on the average age of the sellers, we have the perfect way to help boost sales! Our Top Seller program can issue a debit card within one week after the sales are complete to the top three (3) sellers. Larger organizations could offer a larger number of top sellers to be awarded. Cash prizes are not the best idea as we cannot trace where the money might go. This will help assure that the money will be spent purchasing something the seller would like for their hard work and dedication towards their organization. The other option is to offer a direct percentage of each item sold to be directly assessed towards the seller’s sales. This works great for groups that are planning a trip and need to raise money for that cause. That percentage could be used at your discretion to help with your overall budget for the event, and we can easily track the amount on a spreadsheet.